The 'FreeHost3270 Standalone Application' features rich access capabilities to the 3270 terminal. Its aim is to emulate legacy 3270 terminals and to present a user with extended functionality.


Final versions of the application should implement following features:

  • Rich terminal emulation (full standard complience, plus printing, interaction with clipboard, configurable shortcuts, color and rendering themes).
  • Integrated help system (based either on Sun's Java Help or SWT Help subsystems).
  • Simple installation and flexible configuration.
  • Keyboard macros and scripting capabilities.

Current release

Current release features:

  • Basic terminal emulation (no printing, no clipboard interaction, shortucts are fixed, color and fonts are configurable).
  • No help system.
  • Requires no installation. Configuration is not persistent yet.
  • None of these.

    As you see, much work is still to be done to make the Application a mature terminal access utility.